Ludger Matuszewski


Am Molkenmarkt 2

10179 Berlin

Tel: +49.(0)172.3136655

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ENGLISH speaking

Support in case of
crises and diseases

My empathy applies to all people - regardless of their origin, gender and sexual orientation.


Help with fear of loss, trauma, anger, anger, grief, sadness,

Burnout, power addiction and sex addiction,

cultural, religious, sexual fears.


My Approach

I treat and coach to free people from life crises and disorientation. Often it is somatic and psychological symptoms that mutually trigger each other. That is why my therapeutic approach is a combination of psychotherapeutic procedures and energy medicine. My method is based on restoring a balanced state of energy and consciousness. The word medicine can be understood here in the true sense of the word as coming back into one's own center. Reconnecting with the whole is an essential step out of isolation.

You know it yourself: our body reacts to what is happening with pleasant or unpleasant feelings. We are most likely to feel it in the stomach, throat, heart or around the eyes. Symptoms can take place anywhere. If we don't take time to feel our bodies, we will get sick. But if we take the time to only briefly but consciously check our feelings for actions and reactions, we carry out permanent self-healing. Because just by feeling we reconnect with the body region from which we were separated. So we open our closed heart, our cramped stomach, our constricted throat or lungs.

During a psychotherapeutic session in my practice I keep directing my clients' awareness to their body and ask where they are feeling at the moment.

Through an energy balance therapy, my clients explore the flow of energy in their body. I help to dissolve your separation from your body. Your subconscious dissolves psychosomatic dysfunction.

The balancing of the energy centers (chakras) and the balancing of the body energies play an essential role in my work in order to get back into a state of well-being.


Individual therapy

In supportive talk therapy you can uncover problematic thought patterns and develop yourself personally. As a conversational therapist, I actively listen and share my perceptions in a way that insight and awareness happen within yourself. Therapeutic relationship is an honest way to get to know and accept yourself better, to overcome fears and depression and to accept or change your own reality.


Wherever conflicts, disagreements or clashes of interests exist between two or more people, mediation assists in finding solutions. Couples Coaching rescues relationships or resolves them respectfully. Corporate coaching addresses conflicts within the company or between contractual partners. Judgment is usually of no help. Understanding can work wonders. This is often not possible without objective support.


Body, mind and soul react to conflicts and psychological problems. The therapy takes place while lying down in a trance or meditation-like state.

I release your interference fields and blockages, direct the energies

- Yin and Yang, 

- of all chakras and

- all organs

in the right direction and provide a soothing balance. Why not try a 90 minute deep energy balancing treatment. 



since 2018


Talk therapy - supportive


BODY THERAPY Body - mind - soul

Energy balance

Kundalini yoga



Mediation for couples and companies

Consultation hour for the homeless





Personal training

Corporate mediation

Kundalini yoga


Work with the homeless


Psychotherapy + Energy-Medicine

Ludger Matuszewski

Am Molkenmarkt 2

10179 Berlin

Tel: +49.(0)172.3136655

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© 2021 by Ludger Matuszewski