Conversational psychotherapy

  The honest conversation with yourself and the therapist of YOUR choice.  

Psychotherapy is more important today than ever! Conversational psychotherapy is relationship work.

We practice what we do privately every day in a protected professional setting

and need them in our work life.

The most common psychological problems arise when relationships are disturbed -

in the family, at work, in the social environment. Sometimes people have to or want to present themselves "differently, better or even perfectly" to the outside world - but inside it often looks completely different.

If there is no one to discuss our "inside-outside conflict" , this stress can cause illnesses such as burnout, depression or other psychological crises.

Fear and shame make us liars and create a guilty conscience.

In the therapeutic relationship, we learn honesty on the way out of the lie of life. As a therapist, I love my clients. I love their fears, desires, behavior, longings, thoughts.

The core of honest psychotherapy and the core of any relationship is love.

Sat nam ( i am )